Well, how much do you need?

We have four different plans available, offering increasing amounts of storage and users:

Plan Size Storage Users Audit Trail Monthly cost
start flash logo 250 GB 50 50 30 days £35.00
corporate flash logo 500 GB 100 100 90 days £70.00
enterprise flash logo 1 TB Unlimited Unlimited Project lifetime £150.00

The details:

Storage: this is the amount of space you can use.

Changing plans: we’ve made it as easy as possible to change plans if or when you need to scale up or down the amount of storage and bandwidth you need. As soon as you change, you’ll be able to use the features of your new plan, but the amount you pay will not change until the next billing date.

Prices exclude VAT which is charged at 20% for any customer based in the UK.

Active Directory integration is only available on the Enterprise plan. If your storage usage or user count is higher than the plan below, you can only downgrade after you remove enough users or delete enough files or fileboxes to take your account under the lower limit.